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Accompanying Interpreting by Ree-D supporters for child care

Support Office dispatches accompanying interpreters (called Ree-D supporters) to day-care centers/hoikuens and ward health centers in Sapporo for helping the child care for foreign researchers and international students. If you have some planned interviews at health centers regarding your child’s admission to day-care centers/hoikuens or in-house meetings at day-care centers/hoikuens with teachers and staffs as a parent but you have worries over communications in Japanese, then we will find you a Ree-D supporter who could accompany you and give you a helping hand for the procedures, such as; interpret during the interviews and in-house meetings.

This service DOES NOT SUPPORT medical interpretation, including accompanying Health care center Hokkaido University.

If both categories (1.& 2.) indicated below apply to you, you can request the interpreting service by sending an application form.

  1. You are a female researcher/international student of Hokkaido University.
  2. You want to go to a health center to apply for your child’s admission to a day-care center/hoikuen or you have an in-house meeting planned with day-care center.


  • As of 2017, we can provide interpreters for English.
  • It may take several days to assign an interpreter, so please request for this support service at least 10 days before preferred date for the interpreter is needed.
  • We cannot provide you interpreting service for day-to-day matters such as:
    “My child will arrive late at day-care center/hoikuen today, so please call the day-care center to notify it for me.” ->interpreter cannot be provided
    “We do not know what to bring for the day-care center’s field trip, so please inquire about it for us.” -> interpreter cannot be provided

The flow of procedure to request an interpreter/ Ree-D supporter is as follows


Application Forms